Another use of the ANGEL Discussion Board is as a Signup sheet that both students and instructors can view. The way it works is that you post a message about the signup and then each reply is a sign up. Here are two possible scenarios.

Scenario 1: Select a Paper Topic – Suppose you want students to propose topics, but a unique topic for each student. You can post a message and then instruct students to post ideas with priority going to whoever suggests an idea first. Because the posts are in a message boards, students can see which ideas have already been proposed and when it happened. This can also work for journaling assignments where each student needs to make an original observation.

Scenario 2: Office Hours – In this scenario, you can post a message about signing up for office hours, then post a message corresponding to each open slot. The student who first replies to the time slot books the time. This technique could also work for group project signups

See the ANGEL KB article at for a detailed how-to for this scenario.

Note: This assignment also works in any discussion tool such as a blog or Yammer.

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