The Teaching with Technology (TWT) certificate program will end in May 2017. All portfolios must be submitted to coordinators by May 5, 2017.

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The Teaching With Technology certificate program is sponsored by Teaching and Learning with Technology and participating academic departments with the support of The Graduate School and the Office of Human Resources.

You can also read the About the TWT and the Checklist pages for more information about the certificate.

Selecting from Two Certificate Options

There are two options for the TWT Program – A Graduate TWT Certificate for instructors enrolled in a graduate program at Penn State and an Instructor (HR) TWT Certificate for other instructors at Penn State. Although requirements are nearly identical, the registration process differs because the Graduate TWT program is co-sponsored by the Graduate School and the Instructor TWT by Human Resources. Thus two different types of certificates are available.

Who qualifies for each program?

  • Graduate TWT (Graduate School) – Instructors who are in a post-graduate program at Penn State and have had instructional experience in a course using technology can submit a portfolio. This includes Graduate Assistants (GA) and other graduate candidates with instructional experience.
  • Instructor TWT (HR) – Instructors who are on the Penn State payroll and who have used technology in a course can submit a portfolio. This may include full-time instructors, part-time instructors as well as instructors who have other roles within Penn State. If you are not clear about your situation, please contact

Note: In both programs, you may begin the TWT process before completing all their technology training and instruction. However, the final portfolio should include actual examples of technology in instruction.


For both programs, you need to first identify yourself to your departmental TWT coordinator. If your department has no representative, you can contact for assistance in identifying a representative within your department.


You can begin work during any semester, but you must have your portfolio approved prior to leaving Penn State.  
Note: If you have already been using technology in your teaching, you can begin compiling your portfolio immediately. Otherwise, it is suggested you learn different technologies before you begin your portfolio


Specific deadlines are announced for fall, spring and summer sessions, although there is flexibility for completing and approving portfolios.

  • Graduate TWT – This portfolio should be approved before graduation. Thus deadlines correspond to a period of two weeks before the final written thesis is due.
  • Instructor TWT – Deadlines are posted on the TWT home page. A Graduate TWT can also be submitted by that time so long as the candidate is not graduating.
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