The Teaching with Technology (TWT) certificate program will end in May 2017. All portfolios must be submitted to coordinators by May 5, 2017.

Read more about the program end.

There are several ways to contact the TWT Program.

  1. E-mail: Contact us at
  2. Yammer: Join the TWT (Teaching with Technology Certificate) group and post a question. See details below.

Joining Yammer

Follow the TWT (Teaching with Technology Certificate) group in Penn State Yammer service. The group is open to any Penn State instructor and questions can be posted by any member.

If you wish to join the Yammer group, please follow the instructions below.

Create Yammer Account

To create an account in the Penn State Yammer network.

  1. Go to
  2. Follow the instructions on the First Steps page to join Yammer.

Join TWT Group in Yammer

  1. Log in via
  2. On your profile page, and enter TWT (Teaching with Technology Certificate) in the search field. Click search result to view the group’s profile page.
  3. On the TWT (Teaching with Technology Certificate) group profile page, click the + Join link. You will see a list of previous messages.

Forward Yammer Messages to E-mail

You can set up Yammer to forward messages to e-mail, including messages from this group. To set up forwarding, do the following.

  1. Log in via
  2. Navigate to the Notifications page in your profile
  3. Open the options for the network
  4. Check any Yammer group you wish to receive e-mail from.

Additional Yammer Features

Links to current documentation on Yammer, including options to push messages to e-mail, is at the Penn State Yammer page and at the Yammer Help Center.

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