A problem that can sneak up on you is running out of course file space. For the record, each ANGEL course can only 1G worth of content, and an ANGEL group is restricted to 300 M.

Most problems occur due to file uploads such as under these circumstances:

  • A lot of multimedia files are uploaded (or Power Points with lots of multimedia are uploaded). If you have video and audio, see if they can be streamed via the ITS Streaming Service (http://its.psu.edu/streaming) or through the Library Reserves. They may also be stored on iTunes U (http://mediacommons.psu.edu/podcasting)
  • PDF files of scanned articles can also take up a lot of file space. If you have a choice, it is better to convert a Word file to PDF. You may also be able to store PDF documents within the Library Electronic Reserves.
  • Courses where students upload assignments into a dropbox can run out of space, especially for larger classes. You may want to consider downloading earlier assignments and deleting files once assignments are graded. See http://kb.its.psu.edu/cms/article/34
  • Student teams can also run out of file space unless students manage their files and archive old revisions.

To check your ANGEL course file size, click the Manage tab within your course or group, then select Course Files Manager (or Group Files Manager). The size of the course/group is displayed on top along with the amount of space left – see http://kb.its.psu.edu/cms/article/263

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