The Teaching with Technology (TWT) certificate program will end in May 2017. All portfolios must be submitted to coordinators by May 5, 2017.

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The rubric below is a suggested guide for assessing Penn State’s Teaching With Technology portfolios. Click on the links in the columns to see more information on that suggested requirement.

After reading the requirements below, it is suggested that candidates also read about the Portfolio process for more information on preparing a portfolio.


In this rubric, each attribute may be assigned one number (0 – 3) according the criteria below.

Meaning of Rubric Elements (0-3) Rating Guide
Score Meaning
 0 Requirement missing
 1 Requirement present, but significantly falls below expected standards
 2 Requirement completed, but some improvement possible
 3 Requirement fully meets or exceeds expectations

Minimum Passing Score

As a rough guide, we suggest a minimum score of 41 of the 45 possible points as a reasonable score. (The 45 possible points is the result of 15 separate requirements with 3 points possible for each.)

Please note: Each department has discretion in determining the minimum for approval. Candidates should consult with their TWT departmental coordinators about how the portfolio will be scored.

Portfolio Content Rubric

The suggested rubric is divided into three sections – writing on teaching, teaching examples and portfolio Web design. The purpose of these categories is to allow the instructors to demonstrate awareness of different technology tools for teaching and how they can be combined effectively.

Spreadsheet Rubric – Reviewers can also download and modify an Excel rubric.

Suggested TWT Portfolio Rubric

Writing on Teaching Category
Criteria Max Score
Teaching Philosophy Statement 3  
Brief Course Descriptions 3  
Reflection on Lessons Learned Using Technology 3  
Teaching Examples
Criteria Max Score
Course Web Space (ANGEL, Blog page, Web page, other) 3  
Collection of Discipline Specific Links for Students 3  
Example Class Presentation with Technology 3  
Create one Multimedia File (image, audio,video, podcast,…) 3  
Example of Electronic Communication with Students 3  
Pedagogical Innovation with Technology
(e.g. discussion boards, quizzes, surveys, blogs, experiments,)
Your Choice (another example of a new multimedia technology, new innovation, new communication technology) 3  
Website Design
Criteria Max Score
Clear Writing Style 3  
Legibility – fonts and colors allow for easy reading 3  
Navigation Usability – reviewer can find and view materials easily 3  
Cross Browser Testing – Tested on Firefox and one other browser 3  
Reflects Teaching Personality 3  
Total Possible (15 criteria across all categories) 45  
Suggested Target for Certification 41 90%

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