The Teaching with Technology (TWT) certificate program will end in May 2017. All portfolios must be submitted to coordinators by May 5, 2017.

Read more about the program end.

Portfolio Checklist | Portfolio Rubric

Part of technology proficiency includes the ability to present content within a course using appropriate technologies such as Powerpoint, digital video, online slideshows or online course or tutorial pages. That is, content exhibited in electronic format.

The portfolio should include a detailed description of what was presented and the technology used with a link to presentation materials or screen captures whenever possible. Reflections of what worked or what needs improvement can also be added.

Presentation Technologies

Common presentation technologies include:

  • Powerpoint or Keynote files used in class
  • Using Clicker systems for polls
  • Annotated presentations with Doceri
  • Digital video or audio shown in class
  • Flash demonstrations used in class
  • Multimedia demonstrations used in class
  • Web sites shown in class
  • Tablet PC’s used for class presentations
  • Online images shown in class

Technology Classrooms

The best options for presentations in a face-to-face course are generally technology classrooms equipped with a digital projector and a computer podium.

See the CLC Technology Classroom page for information on reserving and using technology classrooms.

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