The Teaching with Technology (TWT) certificate program will end in May 2017. All portfolios must be submitted to coordinators by May 5, 2017.

Read more about the program end.

The following instructions are for the Sites at Penn State service which publishes sites and blogs on the WordPress platform.

These instructions are also written for the 2012 theme which is similar to the 2010 and 2011 themes. All three provide a good set of tools to allow any instructor to quickly set up a working portfolio.

WordPress Instructions

  1. Storyboard Portfolio
  2. Create Portfolio Site
  3. Edit Portfolio Site
  4. Change Colors
  5. Banner (Header) Photo
  6. Homepage Set Up
  7. Add Pages and to Top Toolbar Menu
  8. Links Between Site Pages
  9. Post Images and Files
  10. Sidebar Widgets
  11. CSS Edits (Advanced)
  12. Design and Usability Suggestions
  13. Support at Sites/WordPress

Additional How-Tos

  1. Screen Capture
  2. Concept Map
  3. Technology Tips
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