The Teaching with Technology (TWT) certificate program will end in May 2017. All portfolios must be submitted to coordinators by May 5, 2017.

Read more about the program end.

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Below are some options for creating simple charts and diagrams much like the one below. These diagrams are especially helpful for students who may not understand text alone. Students may also wish to use these tools for organizing their own presentations

Example Concept Map

concept map of portfolio pages on a Web site  emanating from a Home page

Software Options

The following tools are installed in the CLC Student Computing Labs or are available as freeware. Note that these tools include different shape templates depending on your project needs.

  • Inspiration (Windows, Mac, in Stident Computing Labs)
  • Microsoft Visio (Windows, in Student Computing Labs)
  • Dia (Freeware Windows and Mac/X11)
  • Inkscape (Freeware, Windows, Mac/X11)
  • Adobe Illustrator (Windows, Mac, in Student Computing Labs)

Inspiration Tutorials (Windows/Macintosh)

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